About Our Company

Anti Pest & Veitch History

SD Vietch- Company FounderFor the Veitch family, March 1954 will be remembered for generations to come. S.D. Veitch had a dream, and it was in that month that the dream became a reality. After working several years for Truman Thomas, the founder of Anti-Pest Company in Shreveport, S.D. became a licensed pest control operator and opened his own company, Veitch Termite Control and Anti-Pest. The name was later changed to Anti Pest & Veitch after S.D. became the sole owner. The company was located at 145 East Union. Today, Service Parts and Churches Chicken would border the original location. In July 1976 they moved to their present location at 220 Murrell Street. S.D. ran the company with wisdom and generosity. He and his wife Jessie Mae moved from Minden to Lake Bistineau and they began to live “the good life”. For the first few years S.D. performed the labor and Jessie Mae did the books. For both it was a labor of love. Eventually a bookkeeper was hired, Mildred Carter, and a technician, Calvin Bagwell. Calvin was trained to do the pest control and S. D. did the Termite work. Seldom did S.D. miss an opportunity to pick up his grandson Ronnie and take him with him on the job. This began when Ronnie was about six years old. He had his little pair of coveralls and tried to keep up with his granddad.

Time went by, the company grew and personnel were hired that allowed SD. to spend more time at the lake. He and Jessie Mae loved their times fishing on the lake. S.D. would leave in the mornings to come in and get the men started working; then he would return to his bride and their time together fishing and gardening. Years went by and in 1981 S.D. became unable to get around as he once did. A doctor’s checkup would detect cancer. They moved from the lake back into Minden, and in 1983 passed away. Jessie Mae lived another 17 years until she lost her battle with Sugar Diabetes in February 2000. Through God’s grace S.D. and Jessie Mae were able to live out their dream of business ownership, and from 1974 – 1981 a personal dream of S.D.’s came true. During that time there were three generations working together at Anti Pest & Veitch, S.D., Don and Ronnie. When S.D. became unable to handle the day-to-day responsibilities he asked his son Don to return and take over. At that time Don was with the State Police and had 22 years tenure, having been promoted to Captain over the Motor Vehicle division for the entire state.

At his dad’s request he immediately retired and assumed his position as president of Anti Pest & Veitch in August of 1972. At that time Ronnie, a junior in high school, also began working in the business. His responsibilities were basic, cleaning the office and washing the trucks. He was also a helper on the Termite crew. In 1974, after graduating from Minden High School, Ronnie pursed a degree in Business Management at Vo-Tech and worked in the business. In 1976 Ronnie became a full time employee on the Termite crew. Ronnie worked there under the instruction of Rudolph Tanner and then later under Robert Morehead. After learning the Termite end of the business Ronnie began training on a pest control route but his heart remained “under the house” doing the Termite work, just as his grandfather had started him out all those years ago. Eventually Ronnie was moved into the office to learn the intricacies of day-to-day business and in June of 1987 was elected President and remains in that capacity today. Don was active until his untimely death in March 2002.

Anti Pest & Veitch Future

Over the years we have expanded our services to meet the needs of our customers and are now reaching people not only in Webster parish but also in Claiborne, Bienville and Lincoln parishes. We employ seven people with a payroll over $200 thousand dollars. These monies are funneled back into the economy through our local merchants. We have always employed local folks who are faithful to Webster parish and its people. I believe that friends serving friends will continue to be the best way to ensure a quality job at a reasonable price. When you service customers’ homes Monday through Friday then see them at church on Sunday, its hard not to do right by them.

As I think back on my time here I am in awe of how God has provided for and protected us. His blessings have come in many shapes and sizes. I am grateful to my Grandfather and my dad for their wisdom and instruction. I am beholding to all the employees and customers who patiently allowed me the time to learn my way. It is my desire to continue in the legacy passed on to me as I practice the “Golden Rule of Business” that says, “We are here only because our customers allow us to be.” Thank you to all those loyal customers who have stayed with us in good times and bad. Praise God there have been more good than bad. I do not believe you are defined by what you do but you are defined by how you do it. Honesty and humility are Christ-like characteristics that do not go out of style. My grandfather saw fit to build this business using that philosophy, my father continued it and it is my goal that my son and daughter will say I have lived up to their legacy. It would also be a great joy for me to look back years from now and see that they continued the heritage started by their great-grandfather.


Ronnie Veitch